plane1 «playn», noun, adjective, verb, planed, plan|ing.
1. = airplane. (Cf.airplane)
2. a level; grade: »

Try to keep your work on a high plane.

3. a flat or level surface: »

The plane of the table was warped by dampness.

4. a thin, flat, or curved supporting surface of an airplane.
5. a surface such that if any two points on it are joined by a straight line, the line will be contained wholly in the surface.
1. flat; level; not convex or concave: »

The plane lens was like a coin, without curvature.

2. having a flat or level surface.
3. being wholly in a plane: »

a plane figure.

4. of or having to do with figures in a plane. See also plane geometry. (Cf.plane geometry)
1. to travel by airplane: »

The President's son planed in from Washington (Time).

2. to glide or soar, as an airplane does.
3. (of a boat or water skier) to rise slightly out of the water while moving at great speed.
4. (of an automobile) to rise slightly from the surface of a wet road on a thin layer of water while traveling at high speed.
[< Latin plānum level surface, and plānus, adjective, level. See etym. of doublets piano2 (Cf.piano), plain1 (Cf.plain), plan. (Cf.plan)]
plane´ness, noun.
plane2 «playn», noun, verb, planed, plan|ing.
1. a carpenter's tool with a blade for smoothing or shaping wood.
2. a machine for smoothing or removing metal.
3. a mason's tool resembling a large wooden trowel, used to smooth or level the surface of clay, of sand in a mold, or of mortar or plaster in a wall.
1. to smooth or level (wood) with a plane; use a plane on.
2. to remove or shave with a plane.
1. to work with or use a plane: »

a rosy-cheeked Englishman…up to his knees in shavings, and planing away at a bench (Herman Melville).

2. to function or be intended to function as a plane.
[< Old French plane < Latin plāna < plānāre make level < plānus plain1]
plane3 «playn», noun.
British. the plane tree.
[< Middle French plane < Latin platanus < Greek plátanos < platýs broad (because of the shape of its leaf). See etym. of doublet plantain1. (Cf.plantain)]

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